About us

Our Philosophy

Whether we’re designing a respite centre for children with life-limiting conditions, or designing for dementia, our philosophy remains the same. We believe that everyone has the right to love their living space, whatever age they are. That’s why when you work with Yoof, you’ll not only achieve your objectives in a practical, cost-effective way, but your project will also have a positive, uplifting effect on your end user.

Our Experience

With over 15 years in the care industry, we have an unrivalled knowledge of the industry’s practicalities, legislation and regulations. This high level of experience means that when we start work on your project, we hit the ground running and attend to all the tiny details that could be easily missed.

Having many years in industry behind us means that we have preferred partners in all the right places, who we have worked with for a long time. This means we can gather the most appropriate team for the job, while you can sit back and focus on your core business. With us, there’s no ‘testing out’ suppliers. Our extended team only consists of people who have been proven to deliver high standard projects time and time again.

To find out more about the kinds of services we offer, please see our services page.